It is Ok, NOT to be OK

Some days we might feel the world can crumble in front of our eyes, we feel everything is heavier and we can feel every ounce of sadness and impotence in our bodies. Not everything is rainbows and roses; in order for us to see such beauty we must need to go through storms and winters. Honoring our emotions is a very crucial part of our healing as they make us grow stronger and wiser.

 Those kind of situations are presented to us in form of  lessons, that we must examine in detail so we can see what we need to change. It can be presented in a disagreement, can be presented in self bullying, self sabotaging, melancholy and so much more; but if we don’t learn from those situations, if we don’t let that information sink in, how can we learn to change such a behavior and turn it into a life lesson? If we apply resistance, that’s our ego taking over.

 Pick a day, any day you feel comfortable to go deep inside your head and just have a life review of what is causing such feelings! Perhaps: are you mad at yourself? Are you upset with how someone treated you? Why does it make you feel the way it does? What is stored in the past that is triggering those emotions or certain situations? Let’s remember we are the director of our life and we have the power of unlocking the mysteries that lies within; we are a reflection of our inner world and we are in charge of how certain situations make us feel.

 Sometimes the same impotence and sadness make us do things that aren’t so good for our soul, nor our relationships. By acknowledging what we feel it will take us to a great level of understanding of who we truly are and how we can help release toxic threads in our lives. If we feel hurt, sad or discontent, we can hurt ourselves and others. We must honor those feelings, instead of burying them inside;  let it sink in and then let it all go. YES! I said  let it GO, because once you let it feel completely in your body, once you acknowledge where is coming from and what it is,  you are able to release it out of your body and start the healing process.

 It’s ok to not to feel ok, as long as we don’t dwell long in the same situation nor replaying it over and over again in our heads. We must  let it sink in and then let it go. We can choose every day how we feel. “Whatever we focus on the most, that’s what we will get in return”.  So let’s choose wisely.

 Johanna Pupiales

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