In our life we might encounter certain situations, where we find ourselves feeling very vulnerable. Vulnerability is a short word but has an extended form of feelings. It showed up for me growing up, and actually not too long ago, where  I found myself asking these deep questions.

Where does it comes from? Why does it even show up? What is behind all that? After a lot of thought, I came to the realization that It comes from years and years of false perception of who we really are. We were told that we must fear certain moments instead of facing them or we pushed down some feelings because we care how others will feel about our reaction towards those situations, or maybe we were too little to even know that the way we felt was valid.

It shows up from triggers that were unsolved in those turbulent moments of our past; those triggers can be people that have hurt us someway or somehow, involuntary or voluntary, places, situations that can be similar of what we once lived. When those moments show up for us, we feel small, like the whole world is shrinking in front of us and there is no escape, we feel deeply hurt and we might relive the moment all over.

Then we sit with those feelings for a while until something clicks, we are figuring out what is triggering us. We are able to analyze the situation and connect the dots. If we look deeper at the situation that we disagree on; we can realize that we are letting the outside world have a voice, meanwhile we are shutting ours. We have the control for each feeling that come across our mind and body, we have that power.

“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it”

Behind being vulnerable, is a whole level of healing; once we realize what is causing this feeling, or which is our biggest trigger. In the midst of all we must pause and reflect on it, find the cause and heal it. To reduce your emotional vulnerability and increase your self-esteem you have to maintain a positive attitude and love yourself unconditionally, regardless of the circumstances. Internalize this because it is time to get balance.
Johanna Pupiales

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