Speak Up

Sometimes we might think we are alone in our Journey; that we have to face certain things alone; Truth is, there are plenty of people willing to help us and stick with us during good and not so good times. Have you ever find yourself in a situation were the more you think, the more you get stuck finding a solution? Yeah me too, not just once but plenty of times, and apparently my pride was bigger than my need to ask for help. Life has brought me to a certain few realizations:

Do you need help? Come out of your shell and ask, I know it might sound terrifying or an act of weakness, but trust me it is an act of strength. Do you feel overwhelmed? Express it, We don’t need to take things that we feel obligated nor that doesn’t serve our highest good. Do you feel love for someone? Tell them. You never know what can come out of it. Do you have a great idea? Say it; how many times did you have a great idea, that you were too scared to bring it up to found out later on someone else developed the idea that you once had? And it wasn’t because they are the same as us, but because that idea had to be released out to the world somehow. You see, the way ideas come through us, is what we call “Gut Instincts” which are nudges or informations sent to us from higher forces.

Speaking up you truth, means gaining you power and your value back. It will help you regain your self-esteem, your freedom! We are way too concerned for what other people might think, scared we might hurt someone, or we are ashamed of our light shining brighter than others . We are constantly thinking of other people first and we forget that we are important too. Why is it that we put ourselves last? Or if we ask for help, we are weak? The answer to those questions: it is called years and years of conditioning, wrong beliefs, years of brainwashing and false ideas of how we are supposed to behave in order to please others.

The way to break through those years of conditioning is, unlearning what we were taught and listening to our inner voice, listening to our body, to our mind, to our emotions; honoring our feelings. Each one of us is different from each other, each one of us have different and unique talents, we are a perfect creation from the universe. When we speak up, we are releasing expectations, rules, judgements and we step fully into our power.

Be more brave, even if you have to look harder within each day; Be more bold, even if someone won’t agree with you; speak your truth freely as you don’t owe anything to anyone; say “NO” more often, especially when you are doing something out of obligation or out of guilt. At last just be completely YOU.

Johanna Pupiales.

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