Moments That We Take For Granted

We are so caught up in this busy world that we forget to be grateful for the simple things in life. Yes, I understand that we probably encounter misfortune around us, but if we focus on the negative that’s what we are going to receive and is going to take over our world. So instead,  find ways to be grateful. Here are a few things to be grateful for:

You Woke Up Today:

Most of the time we take this for granted. Have you realized how many people had plans and were happy about life but instead they took their last breath? And sometimes we complain that we have to get up and do things over again. Life doesn’t have to be that way. You have another opportunity to do something for you and for humanity, the choice is in your hands.

The Water To Drink And To Clean Your Body With:

You know how many times we also take that for granted? How many people in different parts of the world are limited or they don’t have access to water at all? We need water for everything, to clean ourselves, our homes, to cook, to nourish the trees, plants, to grow our food. Water is indispensable so we must show gratitude for it.

The Trees That Give Us Oxygen:

They give us the fresh oxygen we need in our bodies. Besides the oxygen, we can see their beauty, different shapes, colors, leaves. They also can give us shade. You probably also heard that it can help you release stress when you stand next to it or give a tree a hug. We might think because they can’t talk or move they aren’t alive. We don’t know what is going on under the ground, it teaches us that the deeper the roots are the stronger the tree is, it teaches us how change can be beautiful and how we can flourish and stand tall.

The Sky, Sun, Moon & The Stars:

Yes we know they are there, and are part of this universe… But how often do we appreciate their beauty? The sky changes accordingly with the time, whether is sunrise or sunset. It shows us how contrast is important to see the beauty and the outcome. The sun shows up every day, shining, and brings happiness when you look at it. The moon is powerful and mystical at the same time, we can feel a sense of peacefulness. The moon also shows us the different phases that are needed, that things cannot always be the same at all times, we need to learn how to manage each phase that appears in our lives. The stars teach us that in order for them to shine they need the darkness, so we can appreciate their beauty.


Our Senses:

If you have all your senses intact consider yourself lucky. You can see the beauty in front of you, you can smell the flowers, you can touch your loved ones, you can savor the food, and you can walk on the soil and move around freely. There are some people that aren’t as lucky as we are either for sickness or for an unfortunate accident.


Yep, some people complain about how their job sucks, that they are tired, count the days until the weekend, or that it is too little pay and the list goes on and on. But do you know that the job you have was your choice? Also, that job is helping you pay your bills, helping you buy the food you need, or give yourself a treat? We can make it enjoyable or miserable. If we don’t change the attitude then nothing will change. The choice is ours.

Our Family Members:

Just because they are with us all the time, doesn’t mean they will stay with us forever. Appreciate when they do the housework, when they call you, when they think of you. Appreciate every single action they do, even the bad ones. Yes, they can test our patience but just imagine yourself without that person, think that they are gone forever, we will give everything to have that nuisance back again. Call them more often, make them feel loved and appreciated.


Those cute little creatures are here to also help us see how we can help one another. For example, the dogs show us to love unconditionally, they also show remorse when they are wrong (sometimes), the wolf shows us how to stick together, birds teach that we don’t need much to be happy and they show freedom. The butterfly shows how we need a time of isolation to transform into something beautiful, lions teach us power and how to survive. Turtles, how to slow down. Ants how to work hard and teamwork.

Our Hardships:

That’s a big one, why would we be thankful for something that hurt us? For the simple reason that makes us grow. Teach us lessons, make us appreciate what and who we have around us. When we choose to heal instead of being stuck in the mud, that when we can see things clearly. Everything in our lives happens for a reason and is waiting for us to dissect what reason want us to see. Choose to grow, choose to heal. I am thankful for my hardships because it made me who I am today.



We really misuse the concept of time. Some say we don’t have time to do xyz, really? Think again on that statement. It isn’t about time it is about what we choose to prioritize. What we really don’t have is time to lose, what if we die or a dear one dies tomorrow? What have you left unfinished? Who you didn’t have time to get together or to call? What was the new stuff you bought that will match for the perfect occasion or that was the gift someone gave you? Call today, wear that new outfit today, do what makes you happy, make that phone call, eat that cake.

Everything in this world comes with a lesson, it is made to be appreciated. We need to know that we can learn from even the smallest and most insignificant things in life. Don’t let mundane things keep you from appreciating what matters the most, enjoy every minute, every hour, every moment.

©Johanna Pupiales

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  1. Loved this article! Great reminders – enjoyed everything about this article.

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